Detroit Pawn Star’s Ashley Gold Now on to “Jewelry Queen”


A little background about Ashley:

Ashley Gold was one of the reality stars of the recent national TruTV show, Hardcore Pawn. After leaving the show, Ashley took stock of her life and turned it around 180 degrees. She lost 50 lbs. and redirected the jewelry knowledge she’d learned as a buyer in the pawn business, and through her certification in diamonds from the Gemological Institute of America.

Ashley started her own jewelry business from home and already has a national following. Ashley’s background as a jewelry buyer in the pawn business gives her a real eye for choosing stylish pieces at amazing value, and she prides herself on rapidly changing her jewelry lines for the seasons. And, her weekly radio show Pawn Chick Radio, is taking off with Perez Hilton, Herman Moore, Adam Glyn (host of new Fox game show South of Wilshire) and Coco Austin are examples of some of her recent guests.  

Ashley, who lives in Bloomfield Hills, has some fabulous new items for spring and for Mother’s Day in the works; she could talk about spring/summer trends in jewelry if that would be of interest, along with of course her new career.

I recently had the awesome opportunity to chat with Ashley Gold and talk with her about her new and exciting venture of becoming a “Jewelry Queen”.  She’s currently the “Boss of her Life” and truly loves what she does by making people happy.  Ashley has enjoyed her stardom on national TV, but with being a busy 60 hour a week, working mom of two, she now enjoys the more flexible lifestyle has brought her.  She’s now able to share the  latest jewelry fashions from the hottest designers.  Ashley has spent her life finding, evaluating and telling the world about the hottest jewelry and accessories that everyone wants to wear. Now those amazing bracelets, necklaces, earrings, bags and more are available at Pawn Chick Shopping so everyone can select that perfect piece to add to their wardrobe.

When speaking with Ashley, she encouraged shoppers to check out her clearance items and Mother’s Day items.  She also has her weekly “Top 10 Picks”.  There are approximately 500 items at a time on her website, but don’t wait to shop as when they are gone, they are gone as she wants to move on to the next “Hottest Fashion” so you can currently buy the latest and greatest.   Ashley also wants shoppers to be aware that her online shop is a “One Stop Shop” and that all items ship (even internationally) in two days.  She has the expertise of over 20 designers and has the “go to” source for the latest jewelry fashions from the hottest designers to be able to buy “What’s Hot!”.

If you are also looking to hear more from Ashley, join Ashley’s weekly podcasts of “Fashion – Fun – Family and More” at where she interviews some pretty interesting guests.

Shop today at for Ashley’s latest trends and to see “What’s Hot!”.

More about Ashley:

Ashley travels the world doing appearances, appraising items, and spends time helping clients through her social media consulting practice.


Photo of Ashley in jeans and black jacket

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