Make Crafts with Your Children That You’ll be Proud to Donate!

Guest post by Laura Brooks

Crafting and creating are a wonderful way for you and your child to express their creative side. Taking this interest and skill then applying it to a good cause does more than just aid an organization in need. It is an opportunity for your child, no matter what age, to learn about the act of donating. Read on for a few ideas to help you and your youngest helper give back.

(No Sew Blanket Knots Here Photo Credit:

1. No Sew Fleece Blankets

No Sew Blanket Knots

Warming homes and women’s shelters often need blankets to give to those in need. Check with a your local organization to see what size they would prefer. Then let your children assist and pick out a pattern fleece and solid fleece color. Stack the pieces and cut off any extra so they are the same size. Cut out a 5”x5” square from each corner.

The fringes should be about 1” wide and 5” deep. Cut all four sides of the blanket. Once all the fringe is cut, it’s time to start tying! You can tie the fringes either like a balloon knot or a shoelace knot. Working together will help the project move along quickly and smoothly and allow for time discussing your work and who it will benefit.

Attach an inspirational note or “made with love” iron on or sew on label personalized by Wunderlabel.

(Pressed Flower Card Photo Credit:

2. Pressed Flower Cards

Pressed Flower Card

Residents at your local nursing home love receiving notes or cards letting them know someone is thinking of them. Personalizing store bought cards with pressed flowers is a fun craft and gives the cards a special touch. Have your children pick flowers from your yard (or from a fun walk in the park) and place them in a heavy book between paper towels. Let the flowers sit for 24 hours then carefully glue them to a card (a glue stick will work just fine!). Finally help your child write a nice note and then mail – or hand deliver – the card.

3. Cork Cat Toys

The animal lovers in your family will love to make this craft to donate to a furry friend! You will need, wine corks, paper clips, and pipe cleaners and/or feathers. Make a hole in the cork at least a half an inch deep with the paper clip (skip this step if there is already a hole from a wine opener). Cut the pipe cleaner to six inches then insert it into the cork, twirling it around your finger to make it twirl. For the feathers, simply insert them into the cork! This craft is simple and quick, but will well appreciated by your local animal shelter!

(Handmade Bookmarks Photo Credit:

4. Handmade Bookmarks


Simple and fun, homemade bookmarks can be donated to your local library or school library to encourage reading. Cut strips of construction paper into 1 ½ by 6” strips and have your children decorate with markers, stickers, crayons. If you have leftover lace, buttons etc. from other crafts you can use them here! Punch a hole in the top of the strip and attach a tassel made of yarn. Through the process of creating these crafts together, talk about who needs them, where you are donating and why you are making them. Encourage them to think of others in need and what they could do to help. Our youngest minds have fresh, unadulterated ideas that may help our communities! Keep creating, giving, and enjoying the time you spend with your wonderful children!

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