A Musician’s Recipes: Strung Once {Book Promotion}


Taking Recipes Out of the Kitchen
One musician finds that the best recipes don’t involve food at all

MELBOURNE – Sometimes one’s imagination can cook up some interesting concoctions. Self-taught folk musician and author Lucy Victoria Treloar has put a unique spin on the average nursery rhyme by incorporating silly poems, colorful pictures and “recipes” to help readers imagine their own realities in her new book, “A Musician’s Recipes: Strung Once.” Thanks to her musical experience, Treloar created a series of silly poems and rhymes that encourage young children to think outside of the box and create their own stories.  Treloar paid special attention to the way the words sound to a child when being sounded out.“The rhythm of the poetry produces ‘music’ that the reader creates as they read,” Treloar said.“The recipe design is a tool to help illustrate a plot, to encourage the reader to design their own story line.”

After years of writing in libraries across the Mornington Peninsula in Australia, Treloar was inspired by library members and staff, and eventually found her place in writing where she could help educate, mold and inspire the generations of tomorrow. “I want to assist with early childhood education,” Treloar said. “To provide independence with learning, reading, writing and creativity.”

A Musician’s Recipes: Strung Once
By Lucy Treloar
ISBN: 987 1 4931 3680 3
Available in softcover and e-book
Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Xlibris

About the author
Lucy Victoria Treloar discovered a hidden passion for children’s literature buried beneath her love of music. Just as she taught herself to play the guitar, Treloar taught herself to write nursery rhymes that would enrich readers’ lives by humming a simple rhythm and tune.

Motivated by conversations with children about the kinds of writing they find humorous, Treloar found that she was best able to express herself in a unique way of writing. “A Musician’s Recipes: Strung Once” is Treloar’s first nursery book, but she has also written “A Musician’s Recipes: Strung Twice” and will be releasing additional “Musician’s Recipes” books in the coming year.

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