Father’s Day Idea with Aureus Shoes {Product Review}

I received a pair of the Men’s Aureus Clasico low top-loafer ($70.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Company Background:

The Aureus brand is famous in the golf apparel space as the Aureus brand grew in name among industry professionals such as PGA-major winners Larry Mize, Scott Timpson, John Mahaffey, and legendary Raymond Floyd. In 2014, Aureus expanded to include casual and lifestyle footwear. The backbone of why the shoes are so popular is not only the look, price point, but the overall comfort.

Each Aureus brand shoe provides the consumer the greatest possible comfort with the least amount of sole separation. The company only uses 100 percent genuine top grade leather for the shoe uppers and inner linings. Now there is no more “sole searching!” The Aureus brand is known for:

  • AM-TECH® Sole Technology by AUREUS® is a scientifically driven shoe soling construction that is extremely rare in the footwear industry. Its complexity and difficulty in perfecting during the manufacturing phase makes it state-of-the-art, and its outsole features are one of a kind.

  • AUREUS® uses 100% genuine nubuck leather for its upper and inner lining, making it 100% breathable. This gives our shoes a premium feel along with smoothness and durability. These shoes are beautiful on the outside and the inside.

  • All AUREUS footwear comes included with a reusable shoe tree. A shoe tree is used to maintain the original shape of the shoes and to limit the amount of wrinkles on the surface of the leather.


When the shoes arrived, I was pleasantly surprised with the packaging as the shoes came in a nice yellow cinch sack and there was a cleaning brush and plastic items stuck in the shoes to keep them stretched and in shape when not in use.  When I inquired to the company about this packaging…they stated this is the norm for everyone who purchases them.  Nice feature!

The pair I picked out for my husband was the Aureus Men’s Clasico navy blue/khaki.  Nice looking shoes and sporty enough for summer and also nice for dressing up and or dressing down.  My husband normally wears a 9 ½ wide.  Aureus does not offer wide so I ordered a size up at 10.  The size fit a little snug, but not uncomfortable knowing that they will stretch and may feel a little tighter because they are a no-tie shoe (which was also another hit with the Hubby).  Hubby liked the shoes and they seemed comfortable.  He wasn’t too sure about the pricing as these cost somewhat more than he usually pays for shoes in our local rural area.  All in all, hubby is excited to wear these and see the longevity on wear and tear and also see how well the cleaning brush works out when needed.

For your shopping convenience, the website offers wonderful wingtips to handsome every day shoes https://www.aureus-usa.com, Aureus is elevating mod mans’ style one colorful, comfortable step at a time. The new spring lineup introduces seven new brands and the classic brands include the Men’s Aureus Fortis which consistently ranks among one of the top comfort shoes and the Men’s Aureus Maximus Premium/Supreme.  Online shopping is easy and a great idea for Dad this upcoming Father’s Day.  Order today and Federal Express can ship overnight in one business day if needed.


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