Children’s Theatre Princess Tales {Product Review}

I received a copy of Children’s Theatre Princess Tales” ($11.96 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


The Read & Play Puppet Theater series invites you to read and play along with your favorite fairy tales.

What better way to encourage creativity than through theater and play? Read & Play Puppet Theater invites you to read and play along with your favorite fairy tales. The illustrated box doubles as a theater stage and travel case for puppets, backdrops, and a book of three fairy tales – Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty. The stories are written to capture the attention of even the youngest children. Each tale includes a shortened script, giving children the opportunity to play the roles of director and actor. Just set up the pieces, get the puppets ready, and let the performance begin!

My six-year old was eager to try his own puppet show with this product.  Now, puppet shows really aren’t something we normally do, but he was beyond intrigued by the different backdrops and several puppets to choose from.  I was worried about it being too “girlie” for him, but I guess when you throw in scene changes and puppets….no way!  He loved it!  The book in general is a tough board book and great for little hands to look through.  The stories were short and we both LOVED the step-by-step scenes after each story so we could re-enact what scene with which people and read along the scenes of the story.  My son enjoyed changing the backdrops and adding the people all by himself as I read each scene to him.  The novelty actually hung on quite a few days and he was asking to schedule time each day to perform the “PUPPET SHOW” as he called it. Cute present idea for Christmas or Birthday for that special little one (preschool-1st grade) in your family.

Children’s Theatre Princess Tales can be purchased at www.quartoknows.comChildren’s Theatre Wolf Tales also hits the shelves June 1.  Get your copies today!

About the Author: 

Oldrich Ruzicka is the owner of B4U Publishing who worked as chief-editor and publisher of one of biggest publishing houses in the Czech Republic for many years before he decided to found his own publishing house. He is author of many books. He studied Pedagogical faculty and also worked as teacher for a few years.


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