The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes {Book Review}

The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes {Book Review}

I received a copy of The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes” ($12.95 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


We’ve all been there. That classic moment when Dad tells a joke, followed by an awkward silence and an eye roll, drawn-out groan, or “Oh, DAD!”

Introducing “The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes,” a new book featuring 1,001+ punny jokes your pops will love telling over and over and over…

With this massive collection of one-liners and oh-so-clever quips, no dad will ever lack groan-inducing material to make his kids (and spouse) face-palm.

This book includes such winners as:
”Fish are probably the most musical of all non-human critters because of their scales.”
”Sign language interpreters have to lean sideways to translate something in italics.”
”After Humpty Dumpty recovered from his fall, he was just a shell of his former self.”
”Supposedly, if you have a dictionary in the house, you’ll never be at a loss for words.”
All that, and many, many more!

Kid tested and approved, this book is the perfect Father’s Day gift as well as a must-have for all wordsmiths and pun-lovers.

Father’s Day is this coming weekend….need a last minute gift for Dad????  If so, how about The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes?  This book may just fit the bill if Dad is the type that loves telling jokes.  And this book has SOOOOO many Dad jokes that most of us “non-Dads” will just roll our eyes from the simple jokes, or look in amiss because we are still trying to figure the joke out.  This joke book is only something a Dad could truly appreciate.

Now that being said, this joke book has only a few question and answer jokes, but more of the aspect of one-liners, which may not appeal to all.

The book is actually broken down into categories:

*Animals and Nature

*Everyday People and Things

*Doctors and Medicine

*Famous Names and Events

*Language and Writing


*Musicians & Music


*Science, Math & Technology

*Sports, Hobbies and Games

With all those categories….there must be something in this book for Dad’s joke hit list.

The Ultimate Book of Dad Jokes can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or anywhere books are sold.

About the Author

Gordon Hideaki Nagai is a father and grandfather who loves creating and sharing jokes with his grandchildren. Now retired, Gordon worked as a case manager in social service in the Bay Area and has Masters in Social Welfare from U.C. Berkeley. Originally from Atwater, California, Gordon is a second generation Japanese-American who currently lives with his wife of 55 years close to his four grandchildren in Eugene, OR.


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