Is a Convertible for You?

Is a Convertible for You?


Convertibles make summer even more enjoyable with a convertible. Whether if it’s just to rent for a summer road trip or to purchase, there are favorite options to choose from which are also family-friendly. 

The great thing about convertibles is they don’t have to be the latest and greatest. The older the model, the more exciting which gives it more of a classic feel. This would make a fun family field trip outing too. To search and tryout different convertible options can be a whole lot of fun for the entire family. 

One of my favorite family convertible choices so far has been the Chevy Camaro. We have driven it on family road trips. My kids absolutely loved it. There is just something about the wind flowing through your hair!  The Camaro Convertible goes all they way back to 1967. The available convertible model came with a manually operated top. A power-operated top was a $52.70 option selected by 47 percent of buyers.

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