Great Back to School: Great Recipes and Routines to Start Off Your Morning

Guest Post by Tara Heath

Our mornings often set the tone for the rest of the day. When we wake up feeling refreshed and energetic, we find ourselves confident in being able to achieve anything, while on those days where gloom is in the air the minute we hit the snooze button, the day seems to never want to end.

It can be a challenge to have great mornings, especially when school season starts again and the nonchalant days of summer are over. Still, you can choose to start off your morning and that of your kids on a good note and the following are a few things that will help you to do this.

Set your Body on a Calm Gear

There are a number of exercises that you can start your day with, but yoga is more than just a workout as it helps to stabilize your breathing, it helps alleviate your anxiety, and it gives practitioners a sense of peace. You don’t have to do a full hour if you don’t have the time, but you can start small with yoga poses for beginners and have some quiet time for yourself before the kids wake up.

Set your Mind on a Calm Gear

If doing yoga is too much for you, then you can try meditation to bring self-awareness and focus first thing in the morning. Just ten minutes of meditation can help you to be more focused during the day, more calm and more aware of yourself and your behaviour. You can try meditation on your own or you can find a great app that can guide you through it.


Eat Well

Even if you are not a health freak, eating well and giving your kids the right foods will set the tone for the rest of the day in terms of energy. Swap store-bought muffins for oat bran or fruit whole grain muffins that you can prepare in advance then freeze. You can also make a batch of homemade granola for everyone or egg and vegetable muffins, so that  you and your kids will have had major power foods first thing in the morning.

Prepare Things in Advance

Rushed mornings are bound to make you or some other family member frustrated. Sticking to a philosophy of preparing certain things the night before such as clothes everyone is going to wear, school bags, work bags, and other things that are needed is a good method. This way, it will be easier for everyone to simply grab their stuff and go.

Listen to Music

Don’t go for anything obnoxious and loud, especially if there are people in the house who are not the morning kind. Instead, find chill music that will help in bringing more peace to everyone’s morning and not be a tool that creates more frustration and bad moods.

Steer Clear of Tech

Sure, emails have to be read and social media notifications will pique your interest but having tech free mornings, where you talk to your kids and the latter are not catching up on Instagram or playing video games is a way to bond in that early hour of the day.

Make Time to Cuddle


No matter what you have going on in the day, nothing beats a cuddle with your kids or your partner first thing in the morning. Waking up just 15 minutes before will give you that window to wake up your kids slowly and cuddle in their warmth and experience the most important element of having a family—love.

These are only a few of the things you can do in the morning. Whatever suits your lifestyle best, try to work towards creating great mornings for you and your family, so that you can look forward to your days, no matter how stressful they can be.

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