Want to Get Rid of Victoria’s Secret Ads During Family TV Time?


In a move that will dramatically change the face of customizable and addressable television advertising, a new Utah-based company, Filtrie, has premiered a free service that enables consumers to set limits on TV ads to reflect their own values and interests. 

Filtrie is a technology company that offers unprecedented control of advertising content to consumers and the most precisely-targeted information to advertisers based not on household information or general opt-in data, but on the precise users who are in the room at any moment in time. 

“Filtrie is a new and patented technology that gives viewers unprecedented control over advertising content in protecting their preferences and values,” said Jim Birch, founder and CEO of Filtrie.com. “Our free opt-in services ties in with the viewer’s mobile phone so we know exactly when they’re watching TV and display ads appropriate for them. By connecting that information to existing and new television equipment we are able to assist both viewers and advertisers in providing meaningful content and privacy protection at a level that has not existed before, while also providing deeper and more accurate data to broadcasters and advertisers. This is a technology with the potential to move advertising (and viewer control) into a new generation.” 

Unlike existing solutions that rely on antiquated people meters or return-path data, Filtrie uses real time data drawn from the consumers who sign up for Filtrie’s free service, which allows Filtrie and its customers to know who is watching TV, what they’re watching, and for exactly how long. Filtrie works across all content sources, such as cable, satellite, broadcast, IPTV, DVR, etc. as well so consumers are not locked into any one provider. Advertisers can spot target their ads to the precise viewer who is present. Consumers who opt in can decide to replace unwanted ads (no matter who’s watching) or can allow Filtrie to automatically show or replace TV ads based on who is in the room.  

As one of its many benefits, the service allows parents, for the first time, to protect their child by having offensive or certain TV ads replaced with more appropriate material. This means underage children would no longer be exposed to TV ads for adult products such as beer, wine, lingerie, condoms, etc.

Filtrie is also a vital source of advertising and marketing data, as it is able to pinpoint in real-time exactly who—adults or children—is watching TV, when and for how long. This is a quantum leap beyond addressable advertising because it offers precise information, without relying on guesswork, unproven algorithms, or human error.

The Filtrie product is currently in beta testing, with first consumer implementation anticipated by the end of the year. Partners, customers and investors can get more information about Filtrie by visiting www.filtrie.com.

About Filtrie

Founded in 2015, Salt Lake City-based Filtrie, Inc., is a software company that lets consumers control their advertising content to meet their interests, values, and tastes. For advertisers, Filtrie offers a new level of targeted advertising based on accurate, real-time information about who is watching TV, at what times, and for how long. For more information, visit filtrie.com

Logo courtesy of Filtrie

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