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Denmark is consistently voted the happiest country in the world. Sure, their social policies have a big impact – but what about their parenting philosophy? Respected Danish family psychotherapist Iben Sandahl and American expat Jessica Alexander believe the Danish upbringing is very much a key factor to the country’s positive outlook: happy kids grow up to make happy adults who raise happy kids and the cycle continues. In their new release THE DANISH WAY OF PARENTING: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids they introduce a very helpful acronym:

P – Play: free play develops happier, better adjusted, more resilient adults.

A – Authenticity: honesty produces a stronger sense of self while authentic praise can be used to form a growth mindset rather than a fixed mindset.

R – Reframing: creating a perception shift can improve our relationships and our overall well-being.

E – Empathy: fostering an empathic household can help your children be more tolerant and less judgmental of others.

N – No Ultimatums: avoiding power struggles and using a more democratic parenting approach fosters trust.

T – Togetherness and Hygge: a strong social network is one of the biggest factors in our overall happiness and by creating hygge, we can develop a cozy family bond.

In my few years of book reviewing, I’ve read a TON of parenting self-help books.  Some good and some not so good.  I truly enjoyed this one as it really was a “thinking outside of the box” type of book that really made ME think as a parent.  Sometimes once you read one parenting book, they seem to blend together, but this one really stood out to me.  It touched a valid statement regarding cultural parenting perspectives or styles.  Here in America our kids (well society is pushing all of us) to be independent and free-thinkers of a me me me world.  (Now taking care of oneself is of importance, but pushing to be above others isn’t.)  Denmark teaches the philosophy of parenting is teaching respect, being respectful and you will be respected.  It also teaches the importance of teamwork, helping others and togetherness which are values we seem to be losing or possibly have lost.

The DANISH WAY of PARENTING is an eye opener for all parents who are looking to strive better as a family. Get your copy today at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

About the Authors:

Iben Sandahl is a certified coach, author and a licensed narrative psychotherapist, MPF, with her own private practice just outside of Copenhagen. She specializes in counseling families and children. Originally trained as a teacher, she worked for 10 years in the Danish school system before earning her degree in narrative psychotherapy. She is a frequent guest expert in magazines, newspapers, and Danish national radio. She is a wife and mother of two girls, Ida and Julie.

Jessica Alexander is an American author, columnist and cultural trainer. She graduated with a BS in a psychology and went on to teach communication and writing skills in Scandinavia and central Europe. Married to a Dane for 13 years, she lives in Rome with her husband and two children, Sophia and Sebastian.






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