Truth About Gout………. Interview

A new survey of physicians shows that more than 50% of these doctors have encountered patients who feel responsible for having gout due to diet or alcohol consumption. Furthermore, a significant number of these doctors believe that patients are more focused on controlling short-term symptoms than on the long-term impact of their gout.

More than eight million Americans suffer from gout. For some gout patients, the standard of care alone is sufficient to manage their condition; however, about two million patients in the U.S. suffer from uncontrolled gout – meaning they can’t reach target uric acid levels despite treatment – and this can lead to painful flares and serious long-term consequences.

 Gout was originally discovered by the Ancient Egyptians and later associated with a “rich man’s diet,” because of the belief that it’s caused primarily by a diet-rich in meat and alcohol.  Famous leaders and writers like Henry VIII and Lord Alfred Tennyson suffered from gout.

But it’s critical to modernize our thinking about gout and break down myths and stigma that are holding patients back. Gout is a highly symptomatic and painful form of inflammatory arthritis.   It’s commonly hereditary and while diet and lifestyle recommendations are important considerations in the management of gout, many times patients need additional help to get this painful condition under control.


Join Dr. Paul Doghramji in a recent interview for Michigan Mom Living readers as he discusses:

*Gout and the causes of gout

*Statistics in the recent survey

*Who is at risk

*What steps people can take to manage their gout

Click here for the entire interview:

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Paul P. Doghramji completed a medical degree at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia. His postdoctoral training included a residency in family practice at Chestnut Hill Hospital, also in Philadelphia. Dr. Doghramji cofounded Brookside Family Practice & Pediatrics, an affiliate of Pottstown Medical Specialists, in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. He has also been Attending Physician in Family Practice, Chair of the Utilization Management Committee, and Physician Advisor at Pottstown Memorial Medical Center; Senior Staff Member at Collegeville Family Practice; Assistant Medical Director for Health Services at the Hill School in Pottstown; and Preceptor in the Physician Assistant Program at Arcadia University in Glenside, Pennsylvania. Board certified by the American Board of Family Practice, recertified 4 times since then, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Dr. Doghramji holds membership in the American Academy of Physicians, and has held membership in the American Medical Association, the National Headache Foundation, and the Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome Association. Dr. Doghramji has received the American Medical Association Physician Recognition Award in all qualifying years since leaving residency. Dr. Doghramji’s work on sleep medicine has been published in Postgraduate Medicine, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, INSOM Magazine, and International Journal of Clinical Practice, as well as on such Web sites as Medscape and Pri-Med. He coauthored a textbook, Clinical Management of Insomnia, released January 2007. Dr. Doghramji lectures nationally on topics relating to sleep medicine.

Interview and statistic courtesy: Ironwood Pharmaceuticals

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