10 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son…………Book Review

10 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son…………Book Review

I received a copy of “10 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son” ($15.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”



“Boys will be boys”…we’ve all heard the saying.  But what exactly does that popular phrase mean and what should that mean on the way to prepare your son for a happy and successful life?  Dr. Tim Hawkes does a great job helping parents of boys ages 10 and up know what certain conversations they should have with their sons…regarding love, identity, values, leadership, achievement, sex, money, health, living together and resilience in his new book, 10 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son.

Mr. Hawkins really touches base on some great techniques on how to talk to your son or approach him in keeping a dialog and just plain realizing it’s a parent’s job to talk about some of the difficult things in life, and it’s the responsibility of raising children.  Also, the effort is there to prepare your children before someone else does in a way that you don’t agree with.

10 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son is a lengthy book at over 300 pages, but it seemed to be a quick read with specific stories added that lightens it up.  As a side note, there is some foul language used in the book here and there quoting others as this may be offensive to some, but just know it wasn’t heavy throughout the book.  The sex chapter didn’t line up with my family values, but it may just be fine for some and offer a guideline.  All in all, I think parents will get some great things out of this book and it can be curved to individual family/religious values.

This book also has some great references in the back to further the parenting empowerment and keep the momentum going.  If there are target areas you want to touch base on, there is also an index in the back of the book to look up specific issues for discussion.

10 Conversations You Must Have with Your Son can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and anywhere books are sold.


TIM HAWKES is the author of several books including Boy Oh Boy: How To Raise And Educate a Son and the Learning Leadership series. He has taught in England and Australia for over 35 years and been a headmaster for much of that time. A highly regarded educational resource, author and social commentator, Tim Hawkes is in demand as a conference speaker around the world. He is married and has three adult children, including a son.




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