Midway Barrel Racing Champion – Book Review

Midway Barrel Racing Champion – Book Review

I received a copy of “Midway Barrel Racing Champion ($17.45 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”

“David Shew was able to create an entire story with his sister and niece. Each one took turns writing a chapter until the book was finished. In the end, Midway Barrel Racing Champion was connected and cohesive.”

Midway Barrel Racing Champion is a unique children’s book that is in between a preschool book and a chapter book.  It’s a little wordy for younger readers, but great for those with a longer attention span.  But also note for younger readers, each chapter is a page and is accompanied by some great illustrations that will captures youngster’s attention.

Midway Barrel Racing Champion is a story about Midway the horse whose new owner, Maria, strives to become the next champion barrel racer.  For this endeavor, Midway and Maria travel around the US in pursuit of becoming a champion.  With each descriptive chapter of locations of where they traveled while competing, readers feel they are traveling along beside them.  Does Midway and Maria fulfill her champion barrel racing dream?   You’ll have to read this one to see.

This book was a quick, fun read and also has a great index in the back of the book describing the chapters for a greater education of location and descriptiveness to the book.  This book can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Balboa Press.


About the Authors David Shew, Ms. O, Melissa S. Toutant

After self-publishing our first children’s book entitled Midway Dreams and hearing from other writers that they don’t understand our book and hearing their questions: Is it a picture book? Or is it an entertainment book? Or better yet, is it an educational book? My sister, Rhonda, and I decided to write a second children’s book and use the same format. Rhonda will tell you that I always did travel to the beat of a different drummer and like to blaze my own trail and so does she, just ask Momma. In addition, after creating a labor of love, Midway Dreams, Melissa Shew Toutant, who is my niece, Gil and Kathy’s daughter and Amelia’s sister, asked if she could join our family team and participate in writing the second book. For those of you who are new to our Midway family, I wrote the even chapters in Midway Dreams and my sister wrote the odd chapters since she is a bit different than me. In Midway Barrel Racing Champion, I only had to write every third chapter after Melissa joined our team. By the way, Melissa, like her Aunt Rhonda, is an elementary teacher at Athens-Chilesburg in Lexington, Kentucky. Our family is so proud of Rhonda and Melissa for becoming elementary teachers. I’m proud to say that we have now created our second in a series of Midway books.

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