How to Organize Your Clothing in A Little Closet Space

How to Organize Your Clothing in A Little Closet Space

Guest piece from Annabelle Short

Having a small closet may be annoying, but it does not have to be the end of your wardrobe as you know it. In fact, with a small closet you have more chances to improve your organization skills than you would with a large one. It takes more brain power and creativity to make sure all your clothes and accessories will fit properly.

Here are a few tips that you can use to make sure you get the most out of your limited space.

Vacuum Bags

If you happen to live in an area with an ever-changing climate, then you need both warm and cool weather clothing on hand at all times. Making space becomes exceedingly difficult when you cannot put anything away into storage.

Vacuum bags are especially handy in these exact situations. In warmer summer months, you are able to store all your cozy sweaters while still keeping them close by. This way they do not take up much space, but on those days when the temperature unexpectedly drops, you can just open up the bag to grab your favorite hoodie. As an added bonus, this also keeps your clothes clean and protected while not in use.

Stack Your Hangers

Having a small closet does not necessarily mean you have to tone down your love for clothes. If you have gotten to the point where you cannot possibly fit another hanger on your garment rod, it just means you need to use your space more wisely.

Go to a hardware or craft stores and pick up a few chains and s-hooks. The openings in the chain links should be wide enough to get your hangers through and the hooks should be able to hang on your garment rod. Simply attach the chains on the bottom of the s-hooks and hang it in your closet. You can then put your hangers through the chains giving you the ability to fit multiple hangers in the same space that used to be reserved for one.

Reuse Old Shoe Boxes

Shoe boxes have the tendency to get in the way of things. Either that or they get thrown directly into the recycling bin as soon as you get home. It is a shame that they have little use other than getting your new shoes from the store into your house.

In order to maximize the amount of space in your closet you can actually start to use them to your advantage. Take belts, leggings, socks or tights and get organized. These items tend to clutter up your bedroom and closet, so having them all tucked away into their own box is a great way to get everything in order.

You can also label them or tag them neatly, writing each box what item is being stored inside it.

Under Shelf Baskets

Baskets are an excellent way to store garments that do not need to be hung up. Unfortunately, they often take up too much space at the bottom of your closet. There is a relatively inexpensive solution to this problem.

Open faced baskets with metal hooks at the top slide onto shelves easily. They are sturdy and come in multiple colors so you can match your own personal style. With these baskets, you can fold up your jeans or graphic t’s to keep them folded and out-of-the-way. This also gives you more space on your garment rod for hanging up anything that is prone to wrinkling.

Use Your Closet Door

Aside from hiding your clothing from anyone who may venture into your bedroom, a closet door does not have many other uses. However, if you attach a few extra hooks to the opposite side, you can end up increasing its usefulness dramatically. Bathrobes and hoodies are often bulky and take up a good amount of space on your garment rod.

Hanging them up on your door along with other items like scarves and belts will give you easy access to things you most likely use every day. In addition, this will, once again, free up space for more clothing. For an added touch of style, hardware stores sell plenty or ornate hooks that you can use to keep your newly organized closet looking great.

Maximizing your use of space does not have to be the tedious chore it’s made out to be. By being a little creative you can find a use for ever inch of space. No matter if its finding a way to use mare hangers, or creating a place for all your accessories, there is always a way to create more room and still keep things neat and tidy. Take a little time to get organized and both you and your closet will end up being much happier.

Have you considered a robe door? These go great with any space.

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