Boppy Launches Safe Sleep Education Kit for Childcare Centers

Boppy Launches Safe Sleep Education Kit for Childcare Centers


The Boppy Company Proudly Partners with Leading National Non-profit Organization First Candle to Safely Put Babies to Bed

The Boppy Company believes every baby’s crib should be a safe and tranquil sanctuary. This award-winning company has maintained a long-time partnership with First Candle, the leading national non-profit organization that is dedicated to the education, advocacy and research of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). First Candle and Boppy are once again championing a campaign to spread awareness, eliminate stillbirth and help educate parents on safe sleep practices.

                  This year, The Boppy Company expands its Safe Sleep Campaign with a program focused on supporting Childcare Centers in the United States. The Childcare Safe Sleep Program is designed to educate Childcare Facility Managers and parents on safe sleep practices for baby and what they can do to ensure a safe sleep environment. Boppy is also dedicated to educating Childcare workers and parents on the approved uses of the Boppy® Pillow including breastfeeding, bottle feeding, propping, tummy time and sitting. The Boppy® Pillow is not recommended for sleeping. This will be achieved by sending out an educational Safe Sleep Kits to Childcare Centers across the United States:

  • Childcare Centers are invited to fill out a safe sleep education survey. If selected, the first 500 will receive a complementary Safe Sleep Education Kit.
  • The Kit includes one free Original Boppy® Pillow with Cotton Slipcover, Safe Sleep brochure for the care facility from First Candle and Safe Sleep education and Boppy Coupons for parents. The Kit has a retail value of over $40.

Boppy is committed to helping parents do all they can to ensure their baby is healthy and safe. In addition to an advertising campaign, educational posts on about safe sleep and information tags on products; Boppy has worked with USA Today and Media Planet to continue promoting safe baby sleep practices on as many platforms as possible. The Boppy Company has more essential baby safety tips on here.

Here are some Safe Sleep Tips for Baby: 

  • Place your baby’s separate, safe sleep space near your bed. No bed sharing!
  • Use a crib that meets current safety standards. The mattress should be firm and fit snuggly in the crib.
  • Do not put anything soft, loose or fluffy in your baby’s sleep space.
  • Never place your baby to sleep on top of any soft surface. This includes adult beds, sofas, chairs, waterbeds, pillows (This includes Boppy® Pillows), cushions, comforters and sheepskins.
  • Never expose your baby to cigarette smoke.
  • Always place your baby on his back. Side and tummy positions are not safe.
  • Always put your baby in a wearable blanket when sleeping – even for naps.

For more information and/or if you have questions, please contact Mimi at  If you’re a Childcare Manager, please click here to fill out the survey for your complimentary Safe Sleep Education Kit by Boppy: s3/3051653/Safe-Sleep-Survey


About The Boppy Company

Founded in 1989, The Boppy Company is a leader and expert in creating comfortable, supportive and award-winning products for mom and baby. To date, Boppy® Products have won over 50 awards and continue to be named must-have products around the world. Most well known as the maker of the world’s original nursing pillow, the iconic Boppy® Feeding and Infant Support Pillow, The Boppy Company has expanded into skincare, pregnancy pillows, breastfeeding accessories, baby loungers, baby clothing, plush goods, baby travel products, nursery products and baby seats. For more information, visit The Boppy Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Artsana Group,


About First Candle

First Candle is a national nonprofit committed to the eliminate Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), and Stillbirth through education, advocacy, and research while providing compassionate support to bereaved families. For more information or to make a donation, please visit or call 443-640-1049.


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