Health Pet Tips for the Holidays- Interview with Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber

Health Pet Tips for the Holidays- Interview with Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Werber

The holidays are just around the corner, and people all across America are gearing up for their seasonal celebrations. For many people that means including their dogs in the festivities. Join celebrity vet Dr. Jeff Werber for advice on how to establish healthy eating and exercising habits for your four-legged friends during the holiday season.

During his live interview for Michigan Mom Living readers, Dr. Werber discusses:

  • Why it’s important to establish a healthy diet and exercise routine for your dog before the holidays
  • Tips on what to look for in your dog’s food
  • How to avoid digestive issues with your dog during the gluttonous holidays (the doggy equivalent of “don’t take that fourth serving of sweet potatoes!”)
  • What’s it like caring for the furry friends of Hollywood’s most elite. (For more than 30 years, veterinarian and pet parenting specialist Dr. Jeff Werber, A.K.A. “Doc Hollywood,” has been caring for the pets of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.)

Click here for the entire interview.

More About Dr Werber:

Dr. Jeff Werber is frequently seen on the nation’s top news and talk shows educating and enlightening pet parents on everything from basic pet care and nutrition to abnormal behavior and prevention of disease. An Emmy-Award winner, Dr. Jeff works hard at his mission to strengthen the “Human-Companion Animal Bond.” Dr. Jeff has been an expert guest on TV news and talk shows, and many people would also remember him from his days hosting Petcetera on Animal Planet and Lassie’s Pet Vet on PBS. Dubbed a “Celebrity Vet” by The Hollywood Reporter, he cares for furry friends of Hollywood’s biggest stars and also dedicates his time to several animal welfare and rescue organizations such as Best Friends Animal SocietyLast Chance for AnimalsHounds and HeroesAngel City PitsAce of HeartsForever FidoWags and WalksFurry FriendsEloise, and Bill Foundation.

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