Gifts for Pets: A Safer and Stylish Solution to Keeping Fleas and Ticks Away!

Gifts for Pets: A Safer and Stylish Solution to Keeping Fleas and Ticks Away!


For many of us, our pets are more like family. They’re our best friends, companions, and keep our families from harm’s way- making it that much more important to keep them healthy and safe. And while we usually have only the best intentions when using flea and tick collars to keep pesky insects off of them, most don’t realize what kind of harsh chemicals we’re putting on our furry family members. In fact, the toxic sprays and repellents are incredibly dangerous, the pesticides commonly found in most flea collars often contain propoxur and tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP), which pose significant threats to both pets and humans.

Derevos is the revolutionary cedar wood pet collar for dogs and cats with powerful flea and tick repellent without harmful chemicals. Not only is cedar wood is the world’s natural defense against insects and fungus, but Derevos collars also boast stylish designs and pleasant aromas that pose no threat to pets or their families.

See why Derevos is quickly becoming the top choice of pet owners:

  • Safe for pets and their families: Contains no harmful chemicals or poisons
  • Long-lasting: Lasts two to three months, add a protection plan and be covered for 5 YEARS! You can also rejuvenate flea repellent by applying cedar oil to the collar
  • No more plastic collars: Choose from several beautiful Eastern Aromatic Red and Siberian Cedar Wood designs
  • Great for your pet and you: Derevos also offers bracelets and ankles. No more mosquito bites!

To provide pets and their owners with the safest possible flea collars, Derevos — the same company that brought you Cat of Thrones (toilet seats for cats!)–  just launched a Kickstarter campaign https://www. 912234242/derevos-fashion- collars to provide pets and their owners what they deserve: the best.

Story and pics courtesy of Derevos

Cynthia Tait

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