Automatically Control Screen-Time Inside & Outside the Home with New Easy-to-Use Solution

If plans this holiday include a new smart device for your child, make sure to get KoalaSafe and curbi to easily protect and manage their screen time all year-long – at home and on the road.

Australia-based KoalaSafe and curbi have recently teamed up to keep children safer when online and to give parents much-needed peace of mind from endless hours of screen time. KoalaSafe and curbi have created the ultimate in parental controls for kids’ devices when used inside and outside of the home.

Take care of home network access with KoalaSafe, a family-friendly WIFI access point that’s easy to use. Through a simple smartphone interface, parents can set time-limits, site blocking and monitoring of youngsters’ mobile devices, laptops, PlayStations and more, which are connected through KoalaSafe.

Then when a child heads outside to school or a friend’s place, curbi takes over the care with content filtering and app blocking. With just a couple of clicks parent can lock apps, block inappropriate sites and limit screen time.

Together KoalaSafe and curbi are simple to use, giving parents total control over the content their children access from smartphones and tablets at home and on the road. Parents can:

  • Monitor, control and set limits for use inside or outside of the home
  • Get detailed information about what kids are doing when connected
  • Stop offline apps from being used

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