#Bil-Jac Holiday Treats for Fido

#Bil-Jac Holiday Treats for Fido

During the holiday season, don’t forget Fido! You can give your best friend a special treat with special edition Caramel Apple Flavored Treats from Bil-Jac!

Bil-Jac is passionately committed to the health and well-being of dog and puppies everywhere and these treats are no exception. Bil-Jac is a family-run and family owned company, and very honored to bring the very best to your family so you can have your best buddy and buddies for a lifetime. You have Bil-Jac’s word on it!


About the brand: Bil-Jac, offers a full line of nutritional super premium dog foods and treats, and is committed to feeding dogs at every stage of life, which makes Bil-Jac the one complete dog food that is for all dogs, throughout their entire life. Your dog’s food and health is not only our business – it’s our passion. More real chicken meat is put into every bag. In fact, 12 lbs. of real chicken is used to make a 15 lb. bag of Bil-Jac Super Premium Dog Food. Bil-Jac Treats offer a treat alternative in a smaller size convenient for dog training or rewarding smaller dogs. Furthermore, Bil-Jac provides resources for puppies in training, health tips, puppy food and answers to dog related questions for owners.

To learn more information or to find where to buy Bil-Jac, go to http://www.bil-jac.com/.

*Article and log picture courtesy of Bil-Jac

Cynthia Tait

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