Jesus is Born – Book Promotion

Jesus is Born – Book Promotion

I received a copy of “Jesus is Born” ($16.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”


“No story is more beloved—or more often told—than the story of the first Christmas, when Jesus was born. In text that echoes the language of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew, Jesus Is Born tells the entire story of the nativity, from the angel Gabriel’s awe-inspiring message to the Virgin Mary to the miraculous birth of Christ in a lowly manger in Bethlehem; from the luminous star that led shepherds and three wise men to the newborn king to King Herod’s terrible threat and God’s promise to keep Jesus, Mary, and Joseph safe. A timeless and complete retelling of the tale, Jesus Is Born is the perfect introduction to the story at the heart of Christmas.

The good news of Jesus’s birth is brought to life in this instant classic. With illustrations full of detail and emotion from one of the world’s most celebrated artists, Jesus Is Born will be treasured by parents and children alike.”


Who doesn’t LOVE the story of the first Christmas?  I think we all do and this story retold by Sophie Piper is surely a family classic.  This colorful picture hardcover book is geared for ages 4-8 (Preschool – 3rd grade), but I think is a wonderful story that all ages will enjoy.  From angels to animals, from Herod to the wise men, and from love to love, this book takes you on the infamous journey of the birth of Christ for all to love.

Jesus is Born can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and IndieBound.   Great book for any family library this Christmas! Get your copy today!

About the Author

Sophie Piper has an excellent reputation as an author and compiler of children’s gift and prayer books, which include My Baptism Book, A Book of Prayers to Keep for Ever, and On the Day You Were Born. She is especially interested in writing and compiling books that communicate the themes of love, hope, and faith to young children. She lives in the Thames Valley, England.

Anne Yvonne Gilbert is one of the most prolific and acclaimed illustrators practicing today. Born and raised in Northumberland, England, Anne Yvonne Gilbert studied at Newcastle College of Art and Liverpool College of Art. After lecturing full-time for five years she became a freelance illustrator in 1978 and has worked with many of the major publishing houses and design groups worldwide. She lives in Toronto, Canada.


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