Draw Like This! – Book Review

Draw Like This! – Book Review

I received a copy of Draw Like This!” ($16.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.”


Are you a doodler?  Ever want to draw, but just didn’t know how to get started?  Check out Christopher Locke’s new book, Draw Like This! – How Anyone Can See the World Like an Artist – and Capture It on Paper.  This book prepares you for what you need to get started to draw…tools, training and an artist’s eye to think about your surroundings and to practice specific drawings of what you see.

Locke teaches readers how to begin to draw shapes and ends with drawing portraits of relatives. He has readers start with small ideas and then introduces how to simplify harder drawings.

This booked is geared towards middle school through adult as Locke teaches middle school.  Locke also wants to convene to others that drawing is a skill that must be built and nurtured, just like any other skill.       

DRAW LIKE THIS! is the perfect drawing guide for building artistic ability and confidence.  It can be purchased at Penguin Random House, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Christopher Locke is an illustrator and teacher based in Austin, Texas whose art – especially his welding work – has been featured in Details, Reason, The Week, PC World, Travel + Leisure and elsewhere. His work can be found on http://www.heartlessmachine.com/


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