#SunshineApp Launches To Tell You When You’re Cold + When To Wear Sunscreen

#SunshineApp Launches To Tell You When You’re Cold + When To Wear Sunscreen

Instead of simply delivering the weather (which it does + radar), Sunshine takes each user’s interaction with the app to actually understand how the weather at that exact time is affecting you as an individual.

Sunshine has 2 steps once you open the app:

  1. What’s Happening button: bright, cloudy, drizzly, smog, humid (more)
  2. How Do You Feel? button: cold, tired, energetic, headache, focused (more)

Sunshine makes a connection with the weather to how you physically and emotionally feel to deliver (daily) personal recommendations to live the best day possible.

Examples of these messages include:

  • What to wear so you can stay comfortable: Wear a jacket – you’ll probably feel chilly today (even though it is 65 degrees, Sunshine knows that this particular user feels cold if the temp is below 70)
  • Things to do to help you emotionally: Cloudy weather usually makes you feel a bit tired. The smell of peppermint or citrus can add a little spring to your step!
  • Small tips to keep you healthy: Remember sunscreen! – weather shows clear skies and high UV levels (avoid sunburn)


Sunshine is a great source to moms, dads, and women who have to live their most productive day simply to keep up with their busy lifestyle and responsibilities. Give it a try today!

Cynthia Tait

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