“The Brushies” – The World’s First Finger Puppet #ChildrensToothbrush

“The Brushies” – The World’s First Finger Puppet #ChildrensToothbrush


The Brushies is the “world’s first finger puppet” toothbrush for infants and toddlers (for ages 4 weeks to 4 years). The book and puppet system makes a once challenging daily routine fun, setting kids up with a healthy habit for life and turning what’s often a battle of wills into a beautiful bonding routine.

With dental decay topping the charts as the number one chronic childhood condition in the world today, the two doctor moms behind The Brushies took it upon themselves to drill a dent in this unhealthy epidemic and make brushing fun for all.

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Dr. Hilary Fritsch – Mother + Dentist + Founder

Just imagine pulling teeth or putting a crown on a 4-year- old. Ouch! For the last 10 years, Hilary has been doing just that while treating families in her busy, green dentistry practice. “It really tugs at my heartstrings. It’s so hard to see parents feel like a failure. But really, it’s the way we’ve all been taught to brush that sets them up to not succeed.”

Mom to two kiddos of her own, she could relate to handling her fair share of brushing struggles at home. “I’m a family dentist!  So I knew that if I couldn’t get it right with my own kids, something was very wrong with the traditional approach.” After battling her youngest, she watched in awe one day as he happily chomped away on finger puppets “That’s when the lightbulb went off. How did this not exist yet?” She knows the Brushies are about to change all that with her own kiddos as proof – they now proudly brush and floss every day. “The Brushies are the best place to start because babies love putting stuff in their mouths. If I can save one more child and parent from the pain of dental decay, I’ll be a happy dentist.”

Dr. Colleen Crowley – Mother + Psychologist + Founder

Colleen has a special place in her heart for moms and babies. As a clinical psychologist and guest lecturer, she’s spent the last decade helping parents and families when they hit life’s stumbling blocks. “Parenting is about bonding, patience, examining your own approach, and a willingness to meet your child where they are. It’s really all about developing trust and creating consistent habits through play.”

With three little ones of her own, she’s made it her life’s mission to give families the tools they need to live happy, loving lives – now that includes a new way to brush, play and bond. Drawing on her extensive child development expertise and the playful approach she uses at home with her three children Colleen shaped the theory and personality of the Brushies to help parents get their silly on at just the right time in a child’s life. “Adults sometimes forget how to play. The Brushies are a way to bring back the fun to create a lasting healthy habit.”

Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Picture courtesy of Colter Communications

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