Amazing #CarHacks You’ve Got to Try

Amazing #CarHacks You’ve Got to Try


Do you love life hacks? I find them very amusing as well as useful. I recently saw some ideas for car hacks that I think you may enjoy and consider trying. I actually can’t wait to try these myself.

  • Cabin Cleaner – Did you know that a coffee filter will effectively clean the interior of your car? I didn’t either. I am ready to go give it a shot. It’s so tricky trying to clean off dust and grime. Apparently, a coffee filter will do the trick. Let’s try it!
  • Organization – Shoe organizers aren’t just for shoes anymore. You can use it to add extra pockets for the backseat to organize all of the kiddie items that usually end up all over the floor or seats of the vehicle. This is clever!

For more car hacks, continue reading over at Jaguar of Naperville!

Lindsey Jenn

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