#Instavit Spray Vitamins On-the-Go Travel Kit Released! {Product Promotion}

#Instavit Spray Vitamins On-the-Go Travel Kit Released! {Product Promotion}

I received a sample kit of Instavit Spray Vitamins ($45.99 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


Are you tired of swallowing vitamin tablets? I was recently introduced to new products by Instavit. They are an amazing company headquartered right here in Michigan. Fantastic, right?

Instavit® is the pill-free approach to sleep, energy and health support, created by Doctors Jatin and Sonia Joshi. The supplements are a result of Dr. Jatin’s need to find a better way to take vitamins, after a nearly fatal health crisis resulting from chronic Crohn’s disease. Dr. Jatin wanted an easier, more convenient way to take the additional vitamin supplements his body needed, but had a hard time remembering and absorbing the pills he needed to take. With the help of his co-founder and wife, Dr. Sonia, he created a quick and easy to use spray. Now, Instavit offers a line of oral spray supplements that includes: “Vitamin B12,” “Instant Energy,” “Vitamin D,” “Daily Health,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Immune Strength,” “Clearer Thinking,” “Instavit for Kids,” and “Prenatal Care.” Supplements are packaged in portable, 14 oz. spray bottles, and contain about 28 doses, per bottle. Instavit oral sprays are sugar-free, contain zero calories and can be sprayed directly into the mouth without the need for any liquids or chasers.

 “Stay on point wherever the journey takes you.”

The “Travel Kit” will provide you with: Sweet Dreams, Instant Energy, Vitamin D, and Immune Strength. Instavit was expertly formulated to work within your busy lifestyle.  No matter how packed your schedule gets, the new “Travel Kit” will help you achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. The company developed from a doctor’s need for a convenient, quick-absorbing vitamin supplement to recover from surgery. They are committed to fitness and quality lifestyles, to use and share their line of vitamin and health supplement sprays. Their products leverage the latest oral spray technology, have top quality ingredients and smart packaging, and deliver you a fast and modern approach to energy, sleep and health support. The “Travel Kit” is currently available online and at retailers nationwide. For a limited time, enjoy $15 off your purchase with code: TRAVELKIT. I love my travel kit. My favorites right now are “Sweet Dreams” and “Instant Energy.” All you do is spray 2-4 times depending on recommendation and you are good to go. You may be asking do they work? I am pleased to say that I have noticed differences, especially using “Sweet Dreams” when my brain just won’t shut off. Do they taste great? The flavors are okay. Will I use the product again? Yes, absolutely!
For more information and to stay up to date, check out Instavit on Facebook!
I would like to thank the folks over at Instavit for allowing me and my family to try out their products. We love them!

Lindsey Jenn

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