7 Home Improvements and Maintenance Projects Perfect for Summer

7 Home Improvements and Maintenance Projects Perfect for Summer

Summertime is the perfect time of the year to do those home improvement projects that are hunting you all year long. And to help you start things out, below are some of the easy-to-do home improvement tasks that you can do under the warm weather condition.

Lawn and garden tools maintenance

Sharpen the blades and change the oil of your lawn mower. Check you weed trimmer as well and make sure it’s in good condition.  Do the same thing for your other garden tools before usage. Make sure that they are well oiled and cleaned before using them this summer season.

Inspect attic, crawl space and basement

Look out for pests and insects that might be hiding at tight spaces. Also, look for any sign of mold or mildew that are starting to grow out at your attic or basement. If you see any sign of ants or termites, call professional exterminator immediately to prevent them from spreading. Look out for cracks and holes that might become an entry point for unwanted “guests”.

Inspect door and window locks

Check your window and door locks and make sure that they are functioning the way they should be. Put up some oil if needed. Remove any dirt and debris that might hinder its locking capability. You might also want to upgrade them if they are too old or if they have damages that are beyond repair.

Clean patios and porches

Clean your patios and porches this summer. Look out for cracks and damages and replaces those that are beyond repairs. Hose down those outdoor or screened-in porch floors. Lubricate patio doors if necessary. Get some flowers and plants to give your porches and patios a fresh and cool atmosphere.

Repaint exterior wall

Summer is the perfect season to repaint your exterior wall. Clean those up first to remove dust and dirt build up. Scrape off old paints and smooth rough edges and parts. If there are any holes and crack, repair them first before painting up. Make sure to use the best paint possible that can complement your house’s theme and structure.

Repair fences or build one if you don’t have any

Repair and repaint your fences. If you don’t have any but you wanted a good one for extra security and added appeal, then summer is the perfect time. Just make sure that the fence you will build complies with the law as each and every local city has different rules about it.

Repair and replace your roof

If you experienced leakage during the wet season, then summer is your perfect chance to find and fix it. If the damage is beyond repair, then replace your roof once and for all. Ask for professional help if you don’t know how to do it. This way, you can be sure that no more leakage will happen once wet season hits.

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