The Danger of Hidden Sugar in Foods with Food Journalist, Kelly Choi – {Interview}

The Danger of Hidden Sugar in Foods with Food Journalist, Kelly Choi – {Interview}





Did You Know That SUGAR Has More Than 50 Aliases?

Learn Which of Your Favorite Foods May Have Hidden Dangers


Do you know how many calories are stuffed into your favorite sandwich? How much fat and salt are peppered into your favorite morning omelet? How much sugar is in the south’s quintessential summertime drink – sweet tea? Or the other favorite seasonal drink for all regions of the country – lemonade?

The ingredients in foods and beverages can surprise us all. The “hidden sugar effect” may also be present and can make an enormous difference in your eating habits and can add to weight gain.

Did you know?

  • Two slices of sandwich bread=six teaspoons of sugar in the body
  • 1 cup of corn flakes=7 teaspoons of sugar
  • 1 small potato=6 teaspoons of sugar
  • One bagel=7.5 teaspoons of sugar

Sugars are hiding in plain sight. Nine in 10 Americans are unaware that certain foods convert to sugar during digestion. While a person can’t see these sugars, their body can. The Sugar Gap Study is the first to look at the gap in our understanding about nutrition and the “hidden sugar effect.”

Whether you’re at the office, choosing a snack from a vending machine, eating out at your favorite restaurant or getting ready to prepare your next meal at home, the key is knowing whether to eat this and not that.

Join me in a recent interview with Kelly Choi, food journalist and regular contributor to the website Eat This, Not That, to learn the secret to making healthier food choices. She discusses the secret of hidden sugars and explain how we can all eat smarter and have a greater understanding of nutrition.

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BIO: About Kelly Choi, ETNT Contributor:

Kelly Choi is an Emmy Award Winning TV host and regular Eat This, Not That! contributor. Kelly is a well-known presence in the TV/food industry having been host of popular programs such as Bravo’s Top Chef Masters and Eat Out NY. Kelly has also made appearances on Food Network’s Iron Chef America, the Martha Stewart Show and was co-producer and host of Secrets of New York, a popular documentary series nationally syndicated on PBS.

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Interview and photos courtesy of:  Atkins Nutritional, Inc.


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