Superfoods for #Spoonies {Infographic}-Guest Post

Superfoods for #Spoonies {Infographic}-Guest Post

Guest Post By:  Victoria Abbott-Fleming


People living with chronic illnesses such as CRPS, arthritis and fibromyalgia will cling to any remedy they can find to ease symptoms of pain. The main source of pain relief is medically-prescribed pharmaceutical treatment, but this is by no means the only method of quelling symptoms. There’s also several ‘superfoods’ that contain pain-reliving properties and can form the basis of your diet.

Among the recommended superfoods are ginger, turmeric, garlic, salmon and grapes. These all contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which are vital in helping to combat chronic pain. For people suffering with cancer, heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis, these foods should form an essential part of their diet. Most of these superfoods, ginger and turmeric especially, are versatile enough to be included in varying degrees of portions as part of healthy recipes, so you’ll likely have no difficulty in finding an appetizing way of working it into your diet.

Of course, the nature of people’s chronic illnesses will vary, so there’s no single set program to follow. Superfoods should be incorporated into your diet as befitting your illness, although there are some rules of thumb that apply to almost every condition. Fish and natural fruit & veg are effective in combating most chronic illnesses, while red meat, caffeinated beverages and sugary products are best avoided entirely.

This infographic from Burning Nights ( identifies some of the best superfoods for people with chronic illnesses and highlights the main do’s and don’ts of dietary requirements for some of the most common conditions.


About the author

Victoria Abbott-Fleming is the founder of UK-based CRPS awareness charity Burning Nights ( She is a long-time sufferer of CRPS who has made it her life’s work to generate awareness of the condition and to offer a platform of support and advice for other people living with CRPS.

*Infographic courtesy of Victoria Abbott-Fleming


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