5 Effective Tips For A Stress-Free Apartment Living With Pets

According to statistics, more than 75% of apartment renters in America have a pet and majority of them own dogs and cats. Apartment living with pets can be a real challenge because of the limited indoor and outdoor access. It can become a disaster if you don’t know how to manage your fury friend while living in a small space apartment.

To help you out, here are some tips and advice to make living in apartment with pet manageable and stress-free experience.

Know your pet’s personality

The size of the pet isn’t the only thing you have to consider when living in an apartment. Their behavior and personality must be taken into consideration as well. Large breed dogs have mellow personalities making them a great apartment companion. Smaller breeds have high-energy level and they tend to bark a lot.

Make a bathroom routine

Set a routine for bathroom breaks for your dogs until it becomes a habit. Take them out in an exact time daily for their breaks. If this is not an option, train them to use to the bathroom or a designated area in your apartment whenever they need a break. As for the cats, make sure to hide away their litter box to give them privacy while taking a break. It’s best if you can use an enclosed litter box to avoid messing the flooring.

Give them exercise

High energy breeds of dogs needs a daily regular exercise so they can behave well when inside the apartment. Take them out daily and make sure to give them a good run and playtime for an hour or two. If you are close to a park, then it’s better to take them there for a walk, jog or fetch playtime.

Keep pets entertained

Pets can feel depression and loneliness if they get bored, doesn’t get enough playtime and exercise. Keep them entertained by giving them toys that they can play throughout the day, especially if you are too busy or gone the whole day. Place the toys at different locations at your apartment so they can roam around while playing.  You can also hire a pet sitter to take care of your furry friends while you are away.

Choose the first floor

If you have pets, it’s best to choose the first floor apartment to cut down the time and effort whenever you are about to go out for a walk or bathroom breaks. Also, high energy dogs and cats tend to run and jump around a lot making a lot of noises. So it’s best to choose the ground floor area to avoid neighbor complaints.

These tips can certainly help apartment life with pets more comfortable and stress-free.  Although you can’t totally control their behavior all throughout the day, you can at least make them more at ease in your apartment space.

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