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6 Great Tips To Go Green At Your Rented Home

If you are renting a small-space home or apartment, you probably think that going green or living an eco-friendly lifestyle is close to impossible. Aside from the landlord rules and regulations that limit your ability to do immediate change, the space itself can be a huge challenge…


8 Tips And Advice To Ensure Safety When Moving

Moving is not easy. It can be really painful and stressful if you don’t know where to start or what to do. This is why good planning and preparation is a must if you are moving into a new home. Aside from making your moving day smooth and hassle-free, it can also prevent any kind of accident or injury.

8 Tips To Keep The Basement Safer, More Organized, and Clutter-Free!

One of the most often overlooked part of the house when it comes to organization and de-cluttering is the basement. For many homeowners, it serves nothing but to hold excess or unused items, furniture, appliance, tools and household materials. But just like the other or rooms of the house, basement needs to be kept organized and clutter-free all the time.