How to Organize a Kid-Friendly Bathroom {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Lori Longoria

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Before you had kids, you probably thought that a bathroom is just that – a bathroom. Then your family started expanding, and pretty soon, it was evident that you’d need to put a special touch to the bathrooms in order to make them more kid-friendly.

When it comes to making bathrooms safer for young kids (toddler-approved), you’ll have to do some careful planning if you’re to create a space which will grow with your children.

Depending on your personal preferences and of course your budget, your options are virtually endless. For the sake of helping you achieve the look you’re after, we’ve put together this handy guide which will highlight the elements needed to make a bathroom more kid-friendly.

What Makes a Bathroom Safer, More Comfortable, and Fun for Kids?

Safety should always come first whenever you’re setting up a room for kids (regardless of which room you’re targeting in the house), but that doesn’t necessarily mean that comfort and an element of fun should be neglected.

Elements which make bathrooms safer for kids:

  • Provisions for extra draining of the floor should a case of overflow happen
  • Bathtub edges and the corners of wash basins should be fitted with rounded corners
  • The use of non-slip mats for baths
  • The use of shelves fitted above the countertops for easy access
  • Surfaces that are slip-and-slide resistant should be considered
  • Employing devices that monitor water temperatures in the shower and faucets in the bathroom
  • Wash basins that have pedestals so that kids can reach the basins with ease

Just like your kitchen, your bathroom can be a dangerous place for the kids, which is why you need to ensure that you’ve taken all the safety precautions in order to make the bathroom as kid-friendly and safe as possible for your youngest family members. Here are some other tips and tricks which may help you achieve the perfect look for your family bathroom…

  1. Bathrooms Should Have Enough Space

Keeping clutter at bay if you have a small bathroom is one of the best ways to clear up space for the kids. If you have the option and funds available, why not get your bathroom fitted with a larger tub or shower? These not only add a great element of space to your bathrooms, but they’re also much more versatile and may even help add more value to your property.

  1. Everything in the Bathroom Should be Easy to Use

Get down to your children’s eye level and then take note of what they’re able to see (and miss) in the bathroom. Try to make the elements of the bathroom as kid-friendly as possible by utilizing shower doors which are effortless to open and close and considering the idea of using towel hooks instead of rails. You may also want to consider changing the toilet’s flushing mechanism so that it’s easier for small fingers to operate. Lastly, consider the idea of using a shower caddy for all the bathing accessories, which keeps everything neat and tidy in one simple solution.

  1. Bathrooms Shouldn’t Have Slippery Floors

In order to help minimize the risk of accidents, try to secure non-slip flooring in your bathroom. You can make use of smaller, rougher tiles or consider specialized, non-slip tiles designed for wet rooms in the home.

  1. Fittings in the Bathroom Should Be Safe

For the sake of protecting your little one’s delicate skin, try to use only thermostatic valves with scalding-protection in your bathroom. You may also want to ensure that the thermostat fittings in your bathroom are set only to reach a certain water temperature.

  1. Edges and Finishes in Bathrooms Should Keep Kids in Mind

Sharp corners, edges, and metal parts with the bathroom are prime accident zones for kids, so it’s best to avoid these at all costs. Instead, you should try considering the idea of using soft, round-shaped bathroom ceramics whenever possible.

  1. But Still, Provide a Space Where Kids Can Have Fun

Filling the bathrooms with the likes of colorful accessories and cute bath toys is a great idea which could help make bath time that much more fun for your little ones. You may also consider the idea of painting the bathroom in a brightly-colored theme, or if the painting is a no-go for you, why not add a splash of color with the use of bathroom furnishings and linen?

  1. Laundry Baskets Should Be in Plain Sight for the Sake of Keeping Things Tidy

We all know that dirty clothes need to be dropped into laundry baskets, but if your kids can’t find (or see) one in the bathroom, the only place their dirty clothes are going is on the floor. Make sure you add a clothes basket to the bathroom which is easy for the kids to see and use.

  1. Consider the Height of Your Children before Organizing Bathrooms

When kids can see themselves in the mirror while brushing their teeth, washing, and combing their hair, they’re super happy, which is why you need to hang mirrors at heights appropriate to theirs. Another important height adjustment that you may have to make is that of the shower head or hand shower, ensuring that each family member can easily select his or her preferred height for use.

  1. Bathrooms Should Be Well Equipped with Easy-to-Reach Items in Stock

Ensure that you organize the bathroom so that items such as shampoo, soap, bath gloves, towels, and other toiletries are always at hand when bath time arrives. This will ensure that older children are in reach of everything they need, but will also be very handy for bath time when you’re bathing your very young child and can’t afford to step away from him or her for a second.

  1. Chemicals Are a No-Go in Bathrooms

Household cleaning products, drugs, and cosmetics may pose possible health dangers to your kids, so make sure you remove all traces from the bathroom, keeping them as far out of reach of kids as possible. Medicines and cleaning products should be stored in high closets where they can be kept dry and clean.


At the end of the day, we all need to be monitoring our young children during bath time because no matter how safe we try to make a room, accidents can still happen. The tips and tricks we’ve given you in this how-to guide should help bump up the safety rating of your bathroom and make it more kid-friendly, but they should never be considered as a substitute for a watchful eye.


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