Keeping Track Of Kids’ Clothes {Infographic}

Keeping Track Of Kids’ Clothes {Infographic}

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When you have kids, it can feel as if your life is a constant whirlwind of clothes. From getting the first pair of booties at your baby shower to helping your kids pack for college, your kids’ clothes take a lot of your time and attention. The constant cycle of shopping for new clothes, accepting hand-me-downs and cleaning out items from the closet your kids have outgrown is a huge part of the reason why the average American household spends roughly 4 percent of its income each year on clothing. Keeping up with the constant stream of clothes coming in and out of your kids’ dressers can be nearly impossible — especially if you have more than one or two in your home. If your kids participate in sports, the addition of uniforms to the mix can add even more confusion.

Kids rarely treat their clothing with the respect you wish they would. Witness the cavalier attitude with which many kids simply dump their coats or jackets on the floor when they come home from school. That means clothing items may end up left at school, on the sidelines or virtually anywhere your kids go. Considering how much you probably spend on that clothing — and considering how difficult it can be to make your kids understand that — it’s probably a good idea to make sure whoever finds your kids’ clothes knows to whom they belong.

That’s why putting your children’s names and other pertinent information into all of their clothes can be an effective way of ensuring that their clothes don’t vanish into the ether on a regular basis. However, if you’re thinking of just writing their names on the inside of their clothes with a ballpoint pen or a marker, that might not be as effective as you hope. That’s because the amount of abuse kids put their clothes through — not to mention the number of times they need to be washed — can rub out most inks. Sewing labels into your kids’ clothes is a better option, but not all labels are the best choice for certain types of clothing.

The following guide tells you everything you need to know about how you can use labels to keep track of your children’s clothes without worrying about the labels coming loose. Whether you use iron-on labels, sewn-in labels or name tags, they all can help you tame the chaos that’s swirling around your kids’ closets.


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  1. I definitely need this! I feel like we have clothes EVERYWHERE all the time! Mostly the kids 😆

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