How to Make Your Product Package the Star of E-Commerce

How to Make Your Product Package the Star of E-Commerce

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While many traditional stores are still trying to grasp the concept of e-commerce, many startups have successfully created online enterprises selling products without the traditional brick and mortar store. With the competition constantly growing, it’s not enough to just place a product out there and hope for the best. The most successful e-commerce sites invest a lot of time into planning and targeting their customers.

One of the sure ways to reach out to your customer is designing a unique package. Since the package is the only contact the customer will ever have with your brand, you have to make sure you make the most of it. It will take a lot of creativity to come up with a package that can shake the market in 2018. That said, here are some trends that could help you break through in e-commerce.

Simple but Bold
Sometimes less can really be more. That’s also true for product packaging. Using as little elements as possible to create a strong statement is a challenge, but one that is sure to turn some heads. Plus, only offering the customers the essentials will help them make an informed decision. If your packaging is simple it will allow you to focus on providing a strong product and look into having durable and high quality packaging from a company such as Packaging Chimp. This will allow you more time to ensure the product you are sending is as straightforward and quality as the packaging it goes in.

Use Handwriting Fonts
Designers love to create their own font. It lets them express themselves better and more honestly, which works well for consumers as well. Do not be afraid of imperfections such as creative textures and irregular lines. This can help make the product more human, which is a great plus in the digitally dominated 2017. This warmth will help the customer connect with the product better.

Go Crazy with the Colors
It is scientifically proven that colors can affect the way we feel. Big players know that and use colors to make their products stand out. If you’re starting your own e-commerce, perhaps you should consider adding more color to the package. Old, brown cardboard is the thing of the past. Use vibrant, bright colors with UV finishes to make your product stand out. Some buyers may not remember the name of the product or your brand, but they will remember the color.

Use Illustrations to Tell a Story
Every product has a story. Why not use the packaging to tell that story? Add illustrations to the package telling a story your customers will enjoy reading. This will bring your brand closer to the customer and make a great story on Instagram. Explore different illustration styles to bring the narrative to life.

Seek Inspiration in Vintage Packages
Nostalgia sells well these days and using nostalgia to give your product a memorable package is one of the hottest trends today. There’s something about these designs that truly makes them timeless. But avoid copying old products, but try to incorporate some contemporary design trends to the vintageaesthetic. This will make your product package look both sharp and modern.

Go Green
People are becoming more aware of our environment. And while some might argue it may already be too late, others are doing everything they can to minimize the damage they are causing. With that in mind, you should consider using eco-friendly materials for your packaging. Your clients and motherEarth will appreciate it.

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