Parenting: 101 Ways to Rock Your World {Book Review}

Parenting: 101 Ways to Rock Your World {Book Review}

I received a copy of Parenting: 101 Ways to Rock Your World” ($16.95 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 


“One of the most frustrating aspects of parenting is that there is no school for it.  You learn by doing.  As parenting mentor, Susan Groner offers a new kind of help for families in her new book.  Acting not as a pediatrician or a therapist, but as an ally, Groner helps parents on their journey to raise confident and resilient children, from toddlers to teens. She focuses on finding parenting strategies that don’t suck the joy out of being a parent.”


There are so many parenting “help books” on the book shelves to read and so much information to absorb….how can it all be done for busy parents?  Well, with Susan Groner’s Parenting:  101 Ways to Rock Your World, she breaks her 101 ways into quick and simple strategies.  There are no chapters upon chapters to read about one topic.  Groner just breaks down each category into one paragraph on one page.  Simple, quick, and to the point strategies!  For example…”#64 Be a role model with your own eating habits…If you do not want your kids to eat standing at the counter or picking the crumbs off the coffee cake, do not let them see you do it.  Ditto if you do not want them to eat the exact same thing for every single meal.  Overeating, under-eating, picky eating, speed eating – they are going to learn a lot from you.  What sort of food model are you?”

I love the quickness in this book!  You can pick it up and read a few pages and be re-energized and move on for the day or sit and read several pages at a time. These ideas are truly simple and easy and we as parents just forget and need gentle reminders.  Great resource guide for busy parents!

Parenting: 101 Ways to Rock Your World can be purchased at Amazon.


About the Author

SUE GRONER is the founder of The Parenting Mentor, which provides on-site and virtual coaching sessions for parents of toddlers through teens. As a University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School graduate and a former advertising executive, Groner uses her training in creative problem-solving along with her CLEARR™ methodology to help parents foster and maintain a more fulfilling and stress-free experience while in the trenches of day-to-day child rearing. She lives in New York with her husband and two children.


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