How To Know When Your Garage May Need A Renovation {Guest Post}

How To Know When Your Garage May Need A Renovation {Guest Post}

Guest Post By George Anderson

What was the last part of your house that you renovated? Was it the master bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, or your kitchen? Chances are you might have overlooked your garage when it comes to renovating certain parts of your home. Garages may not be one of the most important parts of a house, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t need some improvements over time.

Your garage needs to be renovated at some point and here are some signs that will let you know when is the right time to make improvements to it.

  1. If your garage door becomes leaky.

It’s tough to figure out if your garage door has become leaky. But if your utility bills have risen significantly over a couple of months, you may want to check your garage door for cracks or any problems with it.

Here’s how to find out if your garage door is leaking, or has cracks or gaps in it.

  • You may notice unwanted pests getting into your garage.
  • You may also feel the outdoor air getting inside your garage through gaps and cracks.
  • A leaky garage door is easily vulnerable to wind damage and may also let rain or snow get inside which could lead to water damage.

A leaky garage door should be repaired or replaced immediately.

      2. If there’s too much clutter in your garage.

In most houses, the garage is the de facto storage space for everyone. Although there’s nothing wrong with using the garage as a storage space, you don’t want to it to be filled up with so much clutter to the point that you can’t walk through it properly anymore.

Here’s what to do if your garage is filled with too much clutter.

  • You may be able to use your garage as a workspace but to do that you should expand it so that you have enough space for your vehicles and your items.
  • If there’s too much clutter in the garage, maybe it’s time for you to clean it up and throw away some things.
  • To make your garage more organized, you may want to install cabinets, shelves, or a slat wall to solve the clutter problem. By doing so, you’ll have more storage space, and you’ll be able to organize your items as well.

If there’s too much junk in your garage maybe it’s time for you to renovate it to make it organized and have more comfortable space.

     3. If your garage is way too small.

Your garage needs to be renovated or upgraded when it becomes too small for your vehicles. Maybe you now have three cars and there’s not enough room to fit all of them inside your garage, or it could be that you want to create a workspace in your garage, but there is only enough space to fit one car. Renovate your garage to give it more space so you can fit all your vehicles inside and still have enough room for a workspace.


     4. If you have become bored by your garage’s dull walls and unfinished flooring.

Garages are often left unfinished because of lack of budget or resources. But garages can also be as enjoyable as your living room if it’s completely finished. We tend to spend a lot of our time in our living room and bedrooms because they are comfortable. You can make your garage comfortable too, just like your bedrooms and living room, if you give it some consideration.

Here’s how to give your garage a complete makeover.

  • If you haven’t installed flooring in your garage, then choose epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring is ideal for garages. It can protect your garage from spills and stains, and it also helps in brightening up your garage.
  • A coat of paint is enough to brighten up the walls of your garage.
  • You may also consider hanging up some artwork in your garage to make it look lively.
  • Garages are also great storage space for your trophies or any other awards/memorabilia. Just be sure to organize them properly though.
  • Organizing your storage items properly can do a lot in making your garage more aesthetically appealing.

5. If you want to transform your garage into a living space.

Of course, you will have to renovate your garage first if you want to convert it into a comfortable living space. Here’s what to consider when converting your garage into a living space.

  • Since garages are designed for storing vehicles only, they don’t usually have cooling and heating systems. So be sure to add a cooling and heating system to your garage if you want to convert it into a bedroom or additional living space.
  • Since most garages are sloped and lower than the rest of the house, you will need to install a new floor structure for your garage.
  • Since most garages often lack aesthetics to make it appealing, you will want to add some decorations in it or paint its walls. Just make sure to give your garage a design that matches the rest of your house.

So this is how you know when your garage needs a renovation or upgrade. But before you start your renovation project, be sure to make a plan first and you have the right budget for it. We hope you liked this article from Shop Garage Door.



George Anderson

George is a specialist when it comes to garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride on helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.

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