The Toddler Survival Guide {Book Promotion}

The Toddler Survival Guide {Book Promotion}

I received a copy of “The Toddler Survival Guide ” ($17.99 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

“Funny parenting guide unlocks key strategies for raising a toddler through expert advice and comical illustrations.”  Great quote by the authors of this book and it pretty much sums this book up in a whole!

Toddlers are full of energy, antics…and have ohhhhh so much learning to do.  The Spohr’s do a great job with their book in detailing subject by subject all the things a parent will succumb to with a toddler…including…feeding, grooming, socializing, vacationing, and just plain venturing out in public.  It is a funny parenting book and filled also with some pretty dramatic “for instances”, but readers will laugh and totally understand where they are coming from.  Yes, the cartoon illustrations are quite good too and parents should really be able to relate.  The Spohr’s also touch base on bedtime and potty training and the transition into toddlerhood…and then transitioning to Post-Toddler Life.  Also, the index in the back of the book helps reader locate problem areas quickly.

Great book for those approaching a “Toddler Invasion” or are currently right smack dab in the middle of it.  All readers will take something away from this book.

The Toddler Survival Guide can be purchased at Amazon.

More About the Authors

Mike Spohr joined BuzzFeed in 2013 and is the founding editor of the award-winning BuzzFeed Parents vertical.  He is also one of BuzzFeed’s top 200 traffic earners of all time.  Prior to that, he worked in the film and television industry, taught high school English, and wrote for Babble, Huffington Post, and Spinetingler Magazine, among others.  He is a regular speaker at parenting conferences nationwide.

Heather Spohr started her family blog, The Spohrs Are Multiplying, in 2007 – which has now been visited by more than 65 million people nationwide.  Her writing has also been featured in Redbook Magazine, The Huffington Post, Babble, The Bump, Baby Center, and BuzzFeed, among others.  Heather has been named Blogger of the Year for Mom Blogger of the Year at the Iris Awards.  She is also in’s parenting blogger hall of flame.
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