6 Practical Tips To Save On Rent

6 Practical Tips To Save On Rent

The huge reason why apartment renting is the norm nowadays is it’s cheaper than buying or owning a house. It’s more practical and convenient especially for people who move around the state from time to time.

If you are one of the many who wanted to jump or already jumped into the apartment living trend, here are few tips and advice that can help you save few thousand dollars.

Start your apartment hunting as early as possible

Is your lease about to expire in a couple of months? Start hunting for a good apartment now! Start your search early so you can have the time to compare each and every apartment communities you’ll come across with. This way, you can freely decide which one suits you best especially your budget.

Choose an affordable location

Rent varies by location. Apartments in busy cities are more expensive than the ones located few minutes away from it. If you don’t mind travelling few minutes a day, then renting an apartment away from the city is your best choice. It’s also great if you can choose a walkable neighborhood with reliable public transportation.

Stay informed with promotions

Apartment owners and managers often offer promotions especially during the offseason. Keep yourself informed about it by following their social media accounts or pages. If they don’t have any, you can always ask around and see what kind of promo is running. Some of the common promotions include low or no security deposit, huge monthly discount for the first year and so on.  Tip: if you are about to rent an apartment in Michigan, Botsford Place Terrace Apartments offers a special $299 move in promo so check it out.

Find a roommate

Before you do this, better ask the apartment manager or owner first if they allow room sharing. If yes, then find a good roommate so you can cut down on your monthly rental fee and expenses. Doing this tip alone can help you save few hundred bucks each and every month.

Choose apartment with less amenities

Amenities like pool and gym can shoot up the lease a few notch than it ought to be. If you can give up those, then your monthly fee will be more budget-friendly.

Sign a long term lease

Signing a long term lease can help you save money in the long run. There are some states or cities where rents are rising almost each and every month. If you sign a 2 year deal, you’ll be able to keep your rental fee on a fix price.

Talk with your apartment manager

If your lease is about to end and you are planning to move out because of the rising rental fee, talk to your apartment manager first. Try negotiating the price before moving to another place. If you are a good tenant, there’s a huge chance that they’ll give you a discounted rental agreement. It doesn’t hurt to ask so do this before you move out.

These tips can help you save few thousands of dollars each year. If you have anything to add, feel free to share it via the comment section below.

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