Spring Break Idea – Data Scientist Maps Ultimate Detroit Family Road Trip {Guest Post}

Spring Break Idea – Data Scientist Maps Ultimate Detroit Family Road Trip {Guest Post}

Guest Post by Randy Olson

As we approach Spring Break for Detroit-area schools, many families are getting ready to pack up and hit the road.

 To help road-tripping Michiganders make the most of their vacation, Chevrolet has enlisted the help of well-known data scientist and road trip guru, Randy Olson, to calculate the most efficient road trip route across the beautiful Midwestern region to visit the most well-known family-friendly attractions – including several stops in Michigan and Detroit that are not to be missed.

The data scientist found that if you were to complete this entire Midwest route – it would take you more than 35 hours to drive, and would cover more than 2,000 miles. You can find an interactive map of all 10 stops at this link. We’ve also included a screenshot of it below, along with a family friendly graphic of all the stops.

Randy is an expert in using science (an algorithm) to optimize these road trips and thought it would be a fun Spring Break story opportunity to talk about a “science backed” ultimate Midwest family road trip, hitting beloved family-friendly stops.

Here is each destination on this epic Midwestern road trip:

·         Detroit Institute of Arts – Detroit, MI

·         Sleeping Bear Dunes – Traverse City, MI

·         Fredrick R. Weisman Art Museum – Minneapolis, MN

·         Harley Davidson Museum – Milwaukee, WI

·         The Bean at Millennium Park – Chicago, IL

·         Indianapolis Motor Speedway – Indianapolis, IN

·         Churchill Downs – Louisville, KN

·         Cincinnati Zoo – Cincinnati, OH

·         Ohio Statehouse – Columbus, OH

·         Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum – Cleveland, OH



Randy Olson is a data scientist specializing in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data visualization. Olson is known for computing optimal road trips around the world, including one in partnership with Chevrolet for a midwest family Spring Break road trip.

*Photos and Infographic courtesy of Randy Olson

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