The Positive Parenting Workbook {Book Promotion}

The Positive Parenting Workbook {Book Promotion}

I received a copy of The Positive Parenting Workbook” ($15.00 value) in exchange for this promotion. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own. 

This “Interactive Guide for Strengthening Emotional Connection” does just that…adds more love and emotional connection..what our kiddos need.  Most parenting books go back to conventional parenting which includes the parent who is always trying to do the right thing.   The Positive Parenting Workbook introduces more love and acceptance rather than to change the child.  This book emphasizes meeting the child where he’s at and nourishing those needs.

So often parents want to change the child to bring them where THEY want them, but Eanes shares concepts to meet the child where they are.  As mentioned, this is a workbook, so there is slight homework and journaling as you embark on the “Positive Parenting” path, but it also then gives you feedback and where you started and where you end up and where you continually want to go…to greater emotional awareness, clearer communication and even joyful moments in your parenting.

The Positive Parenting Workbook can be purchased at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or anywhere books are sold.


About the Author

Rebecca Eanes is the founder of, creator of Positive Parenting:  Toddlers and Beyond, and a contributing editor to Creative Child magazine.  She is the author of Positive Parenting:  An Essential Guide. 

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