Make Your Backyard Fun and Kids Friendly {Guest Post}

Make Your Backyard Fun and Kids Friendly {Guest Post}

Guest Post By Victoria Lim

Kids love being outdoors, however, getting them to go outside can be tricky. They’ve got their phones, tablets, TVs and other devices on hand. But if you plan well, do a bit of research and involve your kids in the process, your backyard may turn out to be kids’ paradise.

Your backyard makeover doesn’t have to be expensive but it should be fun and creative. The most important thing is to organize the space well. Some activities will need a dedicated space while others will be used only occasionally. As in kids rooms, the play area outside will also need storage for their various toys.

To make the process a bit more comprehensive we have combined some useful hacks on how to transform your backyard into the ultimate kids’ zone.

Create seasonal events

Create seasonal events

As the seasons change and your kids grow, there will be different, relevant outdoor activities that they might be interested in, but in most cases, you just need a bit of imagination and some grassy lawn space.

In summer, all activities involving water are spot-on. Set enough space for the water activities, like jumping over sprinklers or sliding on plastic sheets. As the days are hot, design for them a chill out zone by making a tent from old bed sheets, which they can decorate with markers. You can even set up a sandbox and protect the kids from the sun by creating a tepee sheet tent over them.

In winter, you will need fewer toys if there is snow. You can make forts, igloos and organize snowball fights. But even if there isn’t any snow, you can always place some goal posts or basketball hoops, even boxes would do. An obstacle course can also bring out some competition in the long, winter days.

Plan for permanent features

Plan for permanent features

Some toys cannot be put away and they might be a part of your garden for good. This is why it is important to plan for such toys and to reconsider if you need them at all. For example, a swing is something your kids won’t grow out of too soon, and even parents might borrow it sometimes. Also, it would work well with the overall look of your yard.

Another cute addition which you can effortlessly blend into your garden is a chalkboard. You can hang one on a wall or the fence, but you can also use chalkboard paint and paint a part of your wall. It is easy to clean up, doesn’t take up a lot of room and you can even use it to study with your kids.

Combine relaxation area with storage

Combine relaxation area with storage

If you don’t already have a dedicated space for a table and chairs, you should create some. The best place for them would be a patio, but even placing them on a flat grassy surface should be fine. You can eat your regular meals there, celebrate events important to you, but also use it for arts and crafts time. To protect everyone from the sun or even sudden showers of rain consider placing some extendable awnings which you can close when they are not needed.

With kids and their toys, storage is always an issue. So perhaps instead of tables with chairs, opt for a table with benches which can also be used to store the toys. If the kiddos are still little, you might even set up a table in their size next to the big one or find a convenient spot for it, which seems secluded but you can easily supervise.

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As backyard space is limited, and possibilities for kids’ activities are endless, you should consider planning before redesigning your yard. The more permanent features should be better planned and should work well with the rest of the yard. The more temporary games will need less preparation as they only require that there is enough open space, and the games you can make up along the way. The one thing you should plan for is the storage space for the temporary activities, but with a trick or two, it shouldn’t be a problem. Plan your design and explore your backyard and there is no way you can fail.

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