Michigan Veterans Can Get Free Dental Care on “DAY OF SERVICE” June 9th

Michigan Veterans Can Get Free Dental Care on “DAY OF SERVICE”  June 9th

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May is a time to honor those who have died serving our country – and now it’s also a time to help thousands of military who have returned to the U.S. and have retired, but still need some extra help.

It’s the perfect time to help a vet with any special needs he/she may have. Being a veteran and a senior can be a two-fold problem for some vets, since they may be at an even higher risk of added dental problems with no means of relief. Like millions of Americans, veterans don’t get the dental care they need due to barriers like cost, fear, lack of insurance, or the fact that they may live in places where there is little or no access to care. This is especially challenging for the majority of U.S. veterans as they are not eligible for dental benefits through the Veterans Administration unless they are 100% disabled, have a service-related mouth injury or were a prisoner of war.

Dental care is crucial not only to an individual’s overall health, but to many livelihoods too. When meeting prospective employers, or in industries where interacting face-to-face is a routine part of the job, having clean, healthy teeth can be a huge advantage.

In an effort to serve the men and women who have served our country, The Healthy Mouth Movement is working to close the gap for those veterans who have not been able to afford necessary dental care. The program is sponsored by Aspen Dental and nearly 450 of its offices across the U.S. will offer its Day of Service event on Saturday, June 9th, providing free dental care to thousands of veterans.

Join me in a recent interview with dentists, Dr. Jere Gillan (an Air Force vet) and Dr. Anita Imadomwanyi as they outlined the need for dental care for vets and explained the plan to provide free dental care.

Check the entire interview out here:  https://www.youtube.com/embed/1chZ3t-TV6M

For more information, go to www.healthymouthmovement.com

Dr. Jere Gillian BIO

1996-2007 Served in the USAF as enlisted personnel.  Specialty was Aircraft Loadmaster.  Served in Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.  Numerous combat missions into theater.  2007-2011 Attended and graduated form the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

2011 began employment as a Dentist with Aspen Dental. 2012 purchased my first Aspen Dental practice

2013 purchased 2 more offices and I am now the owner of 6 total Aspen Dental practices in the Orlando, FL area.

Married with 4 children


Dr. Anita Imadomwanyi – BIO

Director of Clinical Support and Charitable Giving for Aspen Dental Management, Inc

Provides ongoing clinical resources and support to doctors in Aspen Dental practices during their Aspen career/providing insight and best practices to help them be successful in practice and supports Healthy Mouth Movement programs, e.g. domestic and international outreach programs, like Day of Service, MouthMobile and Healthy Smiles Overseas Outreach]

–contribution to the organization as a spokesperson for Aspen Dental, representing doctors

–Practiced 9 years, mostly in Dallas Texas

–From & Lives in Dallas Texas

–Dental School: University of Southern California-Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry

–Residency:  Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center, General Practice Residency

–College: Vassar College

–Also a pastry chef


*Interview and photo courtesy of Aspen Dental

Cynthia Tait

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