Month: June 2018

Mosquito & Tick-Borne Illnesses Are on the Rise {Interview}

It’s one of the most annoying sounds that invade our space in the summer…that BZZZZZ from a mosquito. And, where there’s a buzz comes a bite, oftentimes followed by itching and swelling. Unfortunately, mosquitoes aren’t the only summer pest that cause a mean bite. Ticks are also on the prowl for a blood meal – and humans make great hosts.

Be An Outsider at Work {Interview}

Are you energized by a beautiful spring day? Once you leave the office for lunch, does it clear your head and help you focus more? There are good reasons for these feelings. Experts say it’s the power of nature. Research shows that being outdoors has benefits to physical and mental health…

6 Easy and Low-Risk Decorating Hacks for Renters

Interior decoration and personalization is something that most renters struggle with. With all the strict rules that accompanies home decorating, most tenants tends to ignore it. They just settle with the existing home décor even though they are not comfortable with it.