Raising Multiple Small Children? 4 Helpful Hacks to Tone Down the Crazy Life

Raising Multiple Small Children? 4 Helpful Hacks to Tone Down the Crazy Life

Guest Post By Hannah Whittenly

Taking care of small children is a rewarding but challenging job. It involves breaking up fights, cleaning up messes and keeping everything in order. However, it is possible to run a smooth household with multiple children. You just need to think about what causes a hectic day and come up with a solution. Take control of your crazy life by keeping the following hacks in mind.

Rotate Your Colored Dishes to Minimize Fighting

You bought colored dinnerware to appeal to your children, and now they are fighting over the red cup or blue plate. This means you have to stop cooking or setting the table to settle their dispute. One idea is to rotate the colors among your children daily. You can assign a multicolored set or stick to one color per child. This gives each child the opportunity to use a set in their favorite color.

Create an Organized Entryway or Mudroom

A small crowd going in and out of the house causes a messy entryway or mudroom. Use this as an opportunity to put your organizational skills to the test. One idea is to build or invest in a mudroom bench complete with cubbies and hooks. Designate and label each cubby to a different family member, and this is where everyone stores their jackets, shoes, and backpacks.

Switch from Carpet to Vinyl Flooring

Messes are inevitable when you have a house full of small children, especially when it comes to crafts and meals. There are careful instructions to follow when cleaning your carpet, from scooping to blotting the mess. You can reduce the stress by switching from carpet to vinyl flooring in your home. It is easier to clean vinyl flooring because you can wipe, mop, sweep or vacuum the surface.

All Hands on the Cart or Stroller

It is not easy to go shopping when you have multiple small children. You have to keep your children from irritating one another, wandering off to another aisle or adding items to the cart. Set a rule that your children must always keep a hand attached to the cart or stroller. This allows you to keep an eye on your children without adding an extra hour to your outing.

Running a household of multiple small children can be overwhelming, but there are plenty of ways to get through each day. A little creativity and organization can go a long way with children, and the smallest hack can make a positive impact on your household.

About the Author

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake.

*Photo courtesy of Hannah Whittenly

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