When Fur and Feather Get Together {Book Showcase}

When Fur and Feather Get Together {Book Showcase}

I received a copy of When Fur and Feather Get Together” ($11.99 value) in exchange for this post. Any opinions expressed here are honest and my own.


In this story, a young boy sits with his dad on a top of a hill and they talk about animals from fur to feather and what they are called when they are together…a gathering of geese is called a gaggle; an assembly of owls is called a parliament and so on and so forth.

Cute and educational hardcover picture book all in one and also plants the seeds of knowing spending time with someone you love is priceless.

When Fur and Feather Get Together is geared for ages 3-7 (grades Preschool – 3).  It can be purchased at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Learn more about David Margrave and Kim Wyle at: WhenFurandFeatherGetTogether.com

About the Author

David R. Margrave grew up in Texas reading, writing stories and poems, and doodling in his sketchbook. He went on to Stanford University and University of Texas Law School,and has spent his career working at a major law firm and as part of the management team of a biotech company working to develop innovative cancer treatments. Memories of reading picture books to his own two children inspired the book you are reading now.

About the illustrator

Kim Wyly is a Dallas-based professional artist represented by the Elliott Yeary Gallery in Aspen. She grew up in South Texas and is bilingual. Her love of nature and her summers in Colorado inspire her paintings of abstracts and whimsical animals.


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