Is Online Shopping Really Better?

Is Online Shopping Really Better?

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This is a question I have always asked regarding online shopping and in-store shopping. I’ve heard it said that online shopping is actually better, but is it?  I think it depends on an individual’s situation, honestly!

For me, online shopping is perfect for those busy days when you just can’t get into the store. Some stores may offer better deals than in store, for example, like various coupon deals available at Sello! Coupon deals are awesome and a great money saver for any situation whether buying clothes, food, etc. Coupons in general simply rock!

When considering online shopping, I always sign up for the newsletters so that I will not miss out on those deals. Free shipping is another plus as well. Why wouldn’t you want free shipping? We don’t pay that fee when shopping in-store so this is always a perk.

With Christmas not that far away, I usually do half my shopping online and the other half in-stores. I prefer in-store shopping when it comes to the kiddies. That part is always fun. For the adults in my family, it’s always nice to search online for gifts such as personalized gifts. Can’t get enough of those plus they are always a hit!

Another great thing about online shopping is avoiding the lines and the crowds. This is especially ideal for the busy holiday season. Those crowds and lines can get intense at times. With online shopping, you’re avoiding it altogether. So nice! What about those upcoming Black Friday deals? While it’s nice to go in-store and wait in line to get freebies and major deals, online stores now also deals for Black Friday as well. Sure, you may not get the free flat screen TV, but you may save some serious cash.

So, is online shopping really better, or is just nice to have best of both worlds? A little rhetorical question for ya!

When shopping online, where is your favorite to shop and why? Would love to read your online shopping experiences and how it potentially saves you time and money. 😉


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