Detroit Medical Center Honors Pregnancy, Infant Loss Awareness Month – Oct 6th

Detroit Medical Center Honors Pregnancy, Infant Loss Awareness Month  – Oct 6th

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This is so dear to my heart as I lost a precious baby boy in 2005. He was born full term and lived for 15 minutes. He died of heart and lung failure due to Trisomy 13, a chromosomal defect. We miss you, Brandon Michael!

Here are more details of this event:

WHAT: In recognition of national Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, declared by President Ronald Reagan in 1988, Detroit Medical Center’s Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital is bringing perinatal care to the forefront by continuing its annual ‘Walk to Remember’ event, a memorial and remembrance ceremony for parents.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention*, nearly 4 million babies are born in the U.S. each year. There are about 23,000 infant deaths that occur before the child’s first birthday and another 24,000 parents experience the loss of a baby due to stillbirth. The loss of a child is always an extreme time of difficulty for families. As a means of support, Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital offers a Help, Understanding & Grief Support (HUGS) organization that meets every third Thursday of the month for those suffering through the experience of the loss of a baby during pregnancy, delivery, or shortly after birth.

The walk includes a trip to the memory garden where parents have the chance to reflect and place mementos on the garden’s Mother Tree. Balloon release; parents receive rose in memory of their deceased child. Cider and doughnuts provided; children welcome.

WHEN: Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018 12 P.M.

WHERE: Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital

South Garden Entrance

1 William Carls Drive

Commerce Twp.



*Photo courtesy of Detroit Medical Center

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