5 Home Safety Tips For #Halloween

5 Home Safety Tips For #Halloween

The most awaited Halloween night is fast approaching. Many people are looking forward to the spooky tricks and yummy treats that the night will bring. While it can be an amazing and family-friendly celebration, there’s always a risk of things going crazy. But don’t fret – our list of home safety tips and advice can surely keep your home and your guest safe and sound while celebrating the Halloween festivities.

Be mindful of your pets

No matter how friendly your pets are, it’s best to confine them in a room away from the front door. Even the most harmless animal can become a handful when costumed kids keep knocking and showing up at your home.

Put up adequate lighting outside your home

Sure, the minimal light coming out from your jack-o’-lanterns can add a more spooky feeling around your home. But if this is the only light that will illuminate your house at Halloween night, the risk of tripping and falling is quite high. Keep the pathway or walkway to your home well-lit. If you don’t want to use the usual light bulbs, use bright Christmas lights to light up the path leading to your front door. Last thing you want are kids tripping and falling thus ruining their much awaited trick or treating.

Clear up the pathway

It’s the fall season. Fallen leaves and branches of trees are surely all over your home. Make sure to clean them up before trick or treating hour starts. Remove any kind of debris or obstacle that is blocking your steps, walkways and front yard. If possible, remove your flowerpots (temporarily) especially if they are placed on the dark spots of your property.

Remove decorations that are blocking the walk ways

While decorations like fake spider webs all over the place can give your home an extra spooky feel, placing them at the walkways can result into trouble. Place all of your decorations at the sidewalk. Avoid placing any of them, no matter how small it is, at the path where a person walks.

Use fake (LED) candles instead of real ones

Eliminate the risk of fire by replacing candles with fake or LED lit ones. Although candles can add more spooky feeling or drama at your home, it can be very dangerous especially with kids running back and forth. Besides, there are LED lit candles that looks so real especially at far so you can surely get the same effect of the real ones.

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