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5 Home Safety Tips For #Halloween

The most awaited Halloween night is fast approaching. Many people are looking forward to the spooky tricks and yummy treats that the night will bring. While it can be an amazing and family-friendly celebration, there’s always a risk of things going crazy…

Choosing Canvas Prints to Decorate your Home {Guest Post}

Decorating your home can be fun. However, this can also be an overwhelming and confusing task, especially for someone who knows nothing about design. With this, if you want a fool-proof way to make your space more interesting, you will benefit from using canvas prints. They are also amongst the best personalized gifts by Shutterfly.

How to Effectively Declutter Your Kids’ Room {Guest Post}

Having a big cleanout of your child’s room can be monster task, even if your child is tidy to begin with. Because most kids, don’t really know how to keep a space tidy by themselves, getting them into some good habits with their cleaning from a young age is very important because it can help them to establish good patterns for when they are older.

6 Easy and Low-Risk Decorating Hacks for Renters

Interior decoration and personalization is something that most renters struggle with. With all the strict rules that accompanies home decorating, most tenants tends to ignore it. They just settle with the existing home décor even though they are not comfortable with it.