6 Safety Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving!

6 Safety Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving!

Family gatherings are great… until someone gets hurt. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you’ll want to take precaution- especially with little kids running around.

Here are safety tips to keep in mind when hosting turkey dinner.

1. Keep food packaging and paper towels away from the stove. With so many ingredients topping kitchen counters, you’ll want to avoid starting an accidental fire. Things like cardboard and paper towels can burn fast, so keep them away from stovetops.

2. Don’t leave the house while your turkey is cooking. Sure, they can cook for hours, but that doesn’t mean you should ditch the bird for an outdoor stroll. You never know what’s going to happen- better to be safe than sorry, than come home to a burnt bird…and smokey house.

3. Don’t let cords dangle! No doubt you’ll be using a bunch of extra appliances like food processors and electric carving knives- so with all the additional gadgets, you’ll want to conceal wires. Toddlers love to pull anything they can get their hands on, so it’s essential you keep those cords in tow.

4. Keep small children out of the kitchen while cooking. Encourage little ones to play in a safe place- not near uncooked ingredients, appliances and hot ovens. Also, don’t carry or wear your baby while preparing food. 

5. Clean up as messes are made. Spill something on the floor? Clean it up RIGHT AWAY. Don’t put off vacuuming or wiping up- kids can slip and fall- or put yucky items in their mouth.

6. Never leave candles unattended. Seasonal decor is lovely, but not when it causes fires. Blow those candles out, or opt for “safer” Turkey-Day decor.

Want more ideas on securing your house for the holidays? Check out: https://childsafetystore.com

*Article courtesy of  https://childsafetystore.com


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