Mother of Five Launches Line of Healthy Syrups – Wäbry

Mother of Five Launches Line of Healthy Syrups – Wäbry

Nadia Khan – Founder/CEO of Wäbry Syrup and Mother of Five

I am pleased to introduce you to Nadia Khan, a remarkable mother of five and Founder/CEO of Wäbry Syrup.

Nadia started making homemade, healthy syrups for her children when she discovered that many of the syrup products on the market were filled with artificial additives and high fructose corn syrup.  Determined to offer her children a better alternative, she developed syrup recipes to make the same tasty treats but without the unhealthy ingredients.  Soon thereafter, at the encouragement of family and friends who raved abut her syrup creations, Nadia decided to launch her own line of organic syrups — Wäbry (a name inspired by her toddler son’s mispronunciation of “strawberry”).

Nadia was also at this time volunteering at the GiveLight Foundation, an organization that supports more than 800 orphans in 10 developing nations with shelter and nutritious meals.

As a way to bridge her new syrup business with her passion for giving back, Nadia launched Wäbry as a Social Purpose Corporation in California. For every bottle sold, a nutritious meal is provided to an orphan in need through Wäbry’s partnership with GiveLight.

Today, Nadia sells her organic and gluten-free Wäbry syrups (Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach, and Chocolate Hazelnut) on Amazon and through retailers across the United States.

Images courtesy of Nadia Khan and Wäbry

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